Association of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Bashkortostan

About the Association

The Association of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a non-profit organisation – voluntary association of legal and physical persons, established for the purpose of creation of social benefits by developing and realising entrepreneurial initiatives and projects, which facilitate the increase of business activities of its members and also presentation, security and development for the benefit of common professional interests.


  • The purpose of the Association

    The purpose of the establishment and work of the Association is elaboration and realisation of programmes (projects,events) in the field of multilateral development and support of business entities – the Association members, coordination of business activities of the Association members and also presentation, protection and development of common property interests of the Association members.

  • Elaboration and realisation of programmes and projects

    Elaboration and realisation of programmes and projects, aimed at the development and universal support of enterprise activities of business entities – the Association members, including participation in laying down federal, local, industry-specific and regional programmes for the entrepreneurship development and support.

  • Development of new technologies

    Development and implementation of new economic, financial, stretegic technologies (methods, strategies, mechanisms) of economic management in terms of market economy, financial crisis, development of the complex system of interconnected economic, cooperative, legal, administrative, organisational and informational measures, aimeв at creating favourable investment environment for the members of the Association.

  • Cooperation with organisations

    Cooperation with similar organisations, institutions of Russia and foreign countries, participation in national and international workshops and conferences.






The members of the Association are founding members, legal and physical persons, recognising the present Charter, sharing the aims of the Association, taking an active part in the work of the Association, fulfilling terms and conditions of the present Charter and admitted to the  Association membership after its official registration, who deposited membership fee.
Procedure of affiliation to the Association:

  • A candidate member is a legal person, who presents the President of Association a written application for membership of the Association and copies (notarized or certified by authorized person) of the constating documents (certificate of incorporation, tax registration certificate, extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, given at least one month prior to the application for membership of Association). 
  • A candidate member is a physical person, who presents the President of the Association a written application for membership of the Association, copy (notarized or certified by the candidate hinself) of the passport, to certify the identity, and an application form.
  • The written application with the request for affiliation addressed to the President of the Association, who is obliged within one month of the reception of such application to conduct the Presidium of the Association for consideration, according to the procedure, approved by the General meeting of the request for affiliation to the Association.
  • A candidate is admitted to the Association since the moment of taking decision by the Association Presidium and depositing membership fee.
  • The procedure of affiliation to the Association is not applicable to the founding members of the Association. The founding members of the Association are automatically the members of the Association from the date of its official registration.

Legal persons, who are the members of the Association, act as legal representatives – Executive directors, directors, etc. Representatives of the Association members must produce their documents, certifying their appropriate authority.

Our projects

1. Information support

“UFA.TODAY” is an information partner of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Every business needs some instruments of promotion and development. The proposed information portal is visited by over 1000 readers every day, 70% of them are people from business.

2. Promotion

“PARTNERY”. It is a marketing instrument, which is aimed at the development of your company by means of the production, offered by you. 

3. Economic rationalization


The programme “Save money together” allows to search for optimum alternatives for purchasing products and services for business. This idea is based on cooperative purchasing of independent enterprises.
List of the products we are interested in:

  1. for business (e.g. bank services, stationery, etc.);
  2. for staff (water, food and services delivery);
  3. for families (clothes, shoes, products, holidays, medical services).
  4. Provision of services



Here are included the most popular experts in necessary types of work and services for offices, buildings (office cleaning, repair of office equipment and  plumbing fixtures, construction work, installation work) which release you from mundane work.

5. Events


Dom biznesa (house of business) is creative and communicative space for entrepreneurs. Here businessmen hold events, establish business connections and communicate, solve their problems and receive advice.

6. Business support and development


Here we deal with business problems by dipping in the situation of a client, analyze business processes, problems in marketing and sales. We also analyze communicative strategy of a company, search for the ways of its strengthening using all the instruments of marketing. We do branding of new projects, re-branding of the current ones, form strategies of the marketing communications.



City of Ufa, st. Marshal Zhukov, 39(office of the EF GROUP)

Phone.: +7 917 435-92-84